women's hair loss

Men and women lose their hair differently. For man, baldness begins with hair loss in the temporal area; it is the classic receding that extends later until it reaches the top of the head. In women, on the other hand, the process is more uniform because the thinning involves the entire scalp. It would be ideal to intervene in time, at the first sign, without lingering in order not to use a remedy when it is too late.

Why do men and women lose their hair

To understand how the process grows, you must know that each hair has a growth period that lasts about six years. After this phase, it takes over a moment of rest when the hair stops developing. In the bulb, which is the most deeply rooted part of the hair, there is the matrix where there are the germinative cells. When the matrix loses its ability to generate, the hair falls after about fifty days. It will take seventy days before the matrix generates another hair, so the fall is a natural phenomenon, if you do not lose more than twenty per day.

The main causes of the weakening are:
- the intake of toxic substances;
- an incorrect feeding;
- strong emotional stress;
- radiation exposure;
- use of curlers, dyes and styling.

Paradoxically, even washing can affect the fall. The shampoos on the market often contain excessive quantities of sulphur; a trichological examination would be desirable before proceeding with the purchase of any product.