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Fixed graft on the sparse part of the scalp

Baldness and thinning hair are no longer a problem as in the past. Today hair thinning can be tackled and solved thanks to innovative and effective methods such as hair graft. Among the most quoted remedies there is the hair thickening system, tasted by Tophair's patent.

Hair graft: a Tophair's studio exclusive

Hair implant

Tophair's systems have some features that make them perfect for every type of customer:

- hair have no cuticles;
- hair don't ruffle;
- they are equipped with a polyurethane membrane that does not cause allergies.

The fixed hair graft system

Hair implant

This hair graft is a patent of Tophair's, a company that has been dealing with the development of solutions for problems of baldness and thinning. The reason why it is called fixed hair graft is due to the particular method of applying artificial hair. It is in fact inserted on the skin a thread of a special material in the zone surrounding the area where the hair is more resistant. The thread of this special material is the base on which artificial hair will be implanted, which are so similar to natural ones so it is impossible to notice any difference.