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Treatments to eliminate the fall and fight baldness

Hair loss is a problem both men and women. The causes may be baldness, also called alopecia, or chemotherapy treatments that weaken the entire bulb. Fortunately, there are many solution to these problems. They range from hair implants on the scalp to the creation of artisan wigs that are completely identical to the original hair.

Why do men and women lose their hair

women's hair loss

Men and women lose their hair differently. For man, baldness begins with hair loss in the temporal area; it is the classic receding that extends later until it reaches the top of the head. In women, on the other hand, the process is more uniform because the thinning involves the entire scalp. It would be ideal to intervene in time, at the first sign, without lingering in order not to use a remedy when it is too late.

How to treat thinning hair.


If you have noticed a thinning of your hair, the advice is to complete a trichological examination. There are various diseases of the hair and each must be treated with specific products. Tophair's anti-flooding studio, thanks to its experience, gives the rights products from trichological laboratories of his trust only for their costumers. Tophair's treatment consists of two phases: